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A Love Letter to Byron Bay


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A Love Letter to Byron Bay

Amanda Gegg

As much as my love for far-reaching beautiful places is a common theme of this blog, I really can’t explain to you how much I adore Byron Bay and have done ever since the first moment I stepped foot here in 2005. I can honestly say, hand on heart, it is one of my favourite places in the entire world and if ever there were to be a place in the world that was a personification of my dream life this would be it. Aside from the occasional sunbathing brown snake, this place radiates perfection to me in every possible way – be it the breathtaking beaches, the warm-hearted welcoming surf culture, the friendliness, the delicious (unapologetically expensive) organic food and drink, oh and they even have their own chocolate company. And you know what? If it were possible to fly everyone I care about here from the UK to watch us get married I can honestly say I would do it in a heartbeat.

beach 5.jpg

So, you get the idea: I LOVE BYRON BAY. And, in a slightly different style to other articles, I thought I would make this a picture blog, which I feel conveys my feelings better than a barrage of affectionate words. This can hopefully act as a love letter to one of my favourite places on this earth because I truly feel the urge to thank it somehow for the joy it’s given me every time I’ve been. I’ve added some tips in the captions for those that want to visit this awesome place, but if you feel like just taking in the pictures then please be my guest…

The Beaches, Lighthouse and Coastal Path

Beach 1.jpg
beach 4.jpg
Beach 2.jpg
coast path 2.jpg
wategos 1.jpg
wategos 5.jpg
wategos 6.jpg
wategos 4.jpg
wategos 2.jpg
wategos 3.jpg
lighthouse 3.jpg
lighthouse lookout.jpg
lighthouse beach.jpg

The Town and The Food

fresh cafe.jpg
Bayleaf 1.jpg
Bayleaf 2.jpg
Bayleaf 3.jpg
balcony bar.jpg
beach cafe.jpg
beach cafe 2.jpg
beach cafe 3.jpg

The Lord Byron Hotel

lord byron 4.jpg
Lord Byron 1.jpg
lord byron 3.jpg

The Sunsets

sunset 1.jpg
james beach.jpg
sunset 2.jpg

Byron, thank you once again for the memories. Words can’t express what you mean to me and James. Between you (and my love for the poet Lord Byron) we’ve named our dog after you as somewhat of a representation of what you mean to us and may we aspire to return to visit you as long as we live.   

sunset 3.jpg


When you leave a place like Byron Bay you can’t help but wonder if it’s all too good to be true… However, we’ve never stayed long enough for that to be of any great concern so the less said about it the better!