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10 Reasons Why a South West England Road Trip is One of the Best Things You’ll Ever Do

Amanda Gegg

If someone were to suggest to me a few years ago that hiring a classic Volkswagen campervan for a week could equate to the perfect holiday, I sadly would have found myself harbouring some serious doubts… As much as I love camping, I never really thought it was something you could stand for more than a few days but I will be the first admit that I was spectacularly mistaken on this front.

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A Long Weekend in Copenhagen

Amanda Gegg

Like many of its Nordic counterparts, Copenhagen is a city that feels like it’s been waiting for your arrival with open arms, no matter when you choose to visit. Everything seems so easy and hospitable from the minute you arrive – not to mention clean – with the bonus of crisp fresh air just begging to aerate your tired lungs.

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